We are 98% rock n' roll*
*We've done a few DJs and hip-hop acts, too

We do travel booking for musicians, and that's it. No comedians, no sports teams, no lecture tours, just music. That's because we love music more than anything else, except perhaps pizza.

Fuzed Travel can help you book travel for your entire tour so that you can concentrate on the groupies.
We are Fuzed Travel
Just so you know who will be working for you


The Head Cheese

KG is Fuzed Travel's fearless leader. She started the company in 1888 while a rider for the fledgling Pony Express. This experience somehow careened into a brain-to-brain connection with both those traveling long distances and small horses of the West.

Her goal for Fuzed is to make it the premier boutique band travel agency in the world. The roster of clients is impressive, sure -- she counts multiple Grammy winners and Darwin Award winners among them -- but even more outstanding is the number of clients who have used Fuzed continuously since the time they were indie darlings to becoming stadium-grade sell-outs.

Kristi likes her bands and her bands like Kristi.


Duchess of Extraordinary Requests

So your bus driver is standing in the lobby and the Front Desk claims they don't have payment. Jessica will re-fax that paperwork right now.

Say your folio shows charges went to the wrong card. Jessica gets that reversed for you.

Is something, uh, unique occurring on your tour? Jessica will send you a marginally-inappropriate Google-image for that.

No, really. She handles hotel advancing, credit card authorizations, folios, custom checkin and checkout times,  bus parking -- and a variety of other things so the tour manager doesn't have to.

It's her job to deal with bullshit that nobody else wants to -- and she's good at it.


Travel Booking Wizard Person

Every bus parking space, preferred aisle seat in an exit-row, vegan, not vegetarian meal, and woman who will take the middle seat to sit next to her man goes through the team goes through the brains of Fuzed, thanks to Joy.

Every Credit Card Authorization form that ends in a folio charged to the correct card does as well.

Every hotel that one needs an answer from by today? Fuzed gets it done, and Joy's deal is to help it do it better and faster.

She is proud to be a part of a team where each player truly shows extreme knowledge, sincere compassion, aching love, and tremendous respect for the distribution of live music.

It takes a universe to keep the stars shining, and Joy feels that Fuzed has the universe in its hands.


No-Tell Motel Commando

"I'm a travel agent who is also a touring musician myself, so I know the needs of the road as well as the venues and locations firsthand. I use various methods and direct contact with sales managers to find entertainers the best deals in the best locations.

Like that?

- Denver"

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