At the core of Fuzed Travel is its behind-the-scenes connections with airlines, hotels, ground transportation companies, as well as other services that many bands might not even be aware of.

Using industry-standard technical tools as well as industry-leading talent, Fuzed Travel is able to not just help a band plan for their hotel and transportation needs in the future, but to also pivot these resources when needed.

Let’s say a bass player slept through the 11AM call to head to the airport and the rest of the band is already in London. Fuzed Travel can quickly get him re-booked onto a later flight before the rest of the band has even realized they’re missing.  Fuzed Travel talks to the business-to-business agents from start to finish so that you don’t have to.


Fuzed Travel works with almost every major airline in the world using their own industry-specific tools to book multi-leg tours for as few or many members of the tour are needed. Ticketing, reservations, and are all handled so that the band has to simply show up at the airport when they’re ready to go.


Not everyone can always arrive at the same time, and that’s why we have special relationships with hotels of across the globe. Fuzed Travel can arrange for earlier or later check-ins and check-outs, make sure that there are no issues with credit cards and reservations, and even change from one hotel to another if the accommodations aren’t up to snuff — and Fuzed Travel can do this for the entire tour, from start to finish.

Ground Transportation

It would be great if every venue had a hotel nearby but that’s not always the way it goes. Fuzed Travel can arrange rides for the whole crew from the hotel to the show space and to the bars after and back. We have deals with several car and bus services in cities around the world so that every member of the tour can get to where they need to be reliably and with no trouble.

All the good stuff is upstairs. Trust me.