Fuzed Travel is a boutique agency specializing in travel management for the entertainment industry. Our service helps establish and maintain your budget for a whole tour. We negotiate with band-friendly hotels to stay within your budget and include extras such as complimentary WiFi and flexible cancellation policies. At Fuzed Travel, our main goal is to save your band time and money.

The company was founded by Kristi Gordon to service the specific niche of musical acts in the travel industry. She was working at a corporate agency, but with everyone going online it made the job difficult.

She knew bands and tour managers always need an agent available as tours can be complex. She understands what a touring band needs and wants so it was the perfect opportunity to launch Fuzed Travel.

Since starting Fuzed Travel, she has learned more the business side of the music industry and and knows each tour has a very specific budget. She also understand the difference between tour/trailer budgets and van/trailer budgets. She’s built a diverse agency which works with bands of all sizes and of all budgets.

In developing Fuzed Travel, she have made several contacts with band-friendly hotels and takes advantage of them to help bands complete successful tours — whether it’s their first time out of their tenth long-haul outing.

All the good stuff is upstairs. Trust me.